Our Awards

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Service Award Awarded for going beyond the expectation and standards of an Iconic Crew member.
Frequent Event Flyer Awarded for those who maximize to participate in events during an entire quarter.
Pilot of the Month Awarded for outstanding work and dedication in flying. Must be earned not a given
Smooth Operator These pilots have consistently logged flights with -150fpm or better landing rates. Did they even know you landed?
Staff Member This award is given as an identifier for all of the Staff Members of American Virtual
Legacy Member We would like to recognize those pilots who came over from our older website. These pilots have been with American Virtual for a long time and we are happy to see them here!
2000 Hours Award Given to pilots who have logged 2000 hours on the system. Are you living on the plane?
1000 Hours Award Given to pilots who have logged 1000 hours on the system. Keep up the good work!
500 Hours Award Given to pilots who have logged 500 hours on the system. Way to go!